Resident Evil 4 Remake - Preowned

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A thrilling reimagining of Capcom’s groundbreaking action-horror classic. Survival is
just the beginning

Resident Evil 4, 2005’s legendary survival horror, is brought fully up-to-date in this ground-up remake.

Six years after the events of Resident Evil 2, Raccoon City survivor Leon Kennedy has been dispatched to a secluded European village to investigate the disappearance of the US president’s daughter. What he discovers there is unlike anything he has faced before.

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6 years have passed since the biological disaster in Raccoon City.

Leon S. Kennedy, one of the survivors of the incident,
has been recruited as an agent reporting directly to the president of the United States.

With the experience of multiple missions on his back,
Leon is sent to rescue the president’s kidnapped daughter.

He tracks her to a secluded European village,
where there is something terribly wrong with the villagers.

And the curtain rises on this story of daring rescue and grueling horror.


Tear a path through the horrors around you with firearms, hand-to-hand follow-up attacks, the newly-added knife parry, and other actions at your disposal. Smart tactics, wise item management, and strategic weapon upgrades will help ensure your survival.

Third Person View:

The Third Person View camera perspective returns from the original Resident Evil 4. Updated graphics enhance the original game’s feeling of isolation and its haunting environments, while refined modern controls emphasize how Leon’s survival balances on a knife’s edge with intense gameplay.

Ranged Combat:

Aim and shoot from Third Person View. Aim well and pick your targets carefully to conserve ammo. Make your foes falter by shooting at their heads and legs to open them up for a melee attack, and deal punishing blows without consuming ammo.

Knife Actions:

In addition to attacking, you can now parry attacks and finish off fallen foes with your knife. Any knife action, however, will reduce its durability. Only use it when you really need to; it’s best to save it for dire circumstances or you might be caught without a way to defend yourself.

Attaché Case:

Carry weapons, ammo, healing herbs, and other useful items in the attaché case Effectively managing your items in the limited space provided is key to survival.


Along with combining herbs, you can now craft ammo and other useful items If your attaché case is getting full, crafting is a good way to free up some space.

The Merchant:

Buy weapons and items, upgrade weapons, or trade for special commodities at the Merchant’s shop. The Merchant can even repair broken knives.
*(Applies only to Leon’s default knife.)


Items that cannot be purchased with regular money can be exchanged for gemstones instead.

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