Remember Me

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Fight for your identity in a future where memories are bought and sold in Remember Me, a third-person action game for PlayStation 3
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Fight for your identity in a future where memories are bought and sold in Remember Me for PlayStation 3.

Remember Me sees you take on the role of Nilin, an elite "memory hunter" whose own past is wiped by the authorities your work for. Through a combination of combat, platform and exploration gameplay you'll embark on a unique mission to discover your past… and so much more.

Key Features of Remember Me on PlayStation 3

    • Explore Neo-Paris in a stunning vision of our future
    • Become memory hunter Nilin and unravel the story of your identity
    • Change the lives of others with the Memory Remix mechanic
    • Unique combat with new "Pressen" Martial Arts and over 50,000 combos in the Combo Lab

Remember Me takes you to Neo-Paris in the year 2084. This is a future where augmented reality and memory digitisation are a part of everyday life. Memories are be bought, sold and traded in a shocking extension of the growing influence of social networks at the turn of the 21st Century, creating a surveillance state where privacy and intimacy are long-since forgotten. and in a society where smart technology is king, firms like Memorize have the real power over those who live there.

Remember Me puts you in the role of Nilin (voiced by Kezia Burrows), an elite memory hunter with the ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even alter their memories. You work for Memorize – or, at least you did until they wiped your memory and threw you into prison, fearful of the truth you have discovered. It's up to you to escape your captors and re-discover your lost identity, hunted by the very people who formed this surveillance society.

Building on traditional third person action and exploration gameplay, Remember Me introduces an innovative new mechanic for Nilin to get the information she needs – Memory Remix. Memory Remix allows you to enter the minds of the people you meet, replaying their memories and manipulating them to change the target's recollection of what happened. This will change the character's perspective on themselves and the people and world around them, which can have massive consequences for the world of the game.

Remember Me also features intense new combat as you fight your way through the different environments within Neo-Paris using Pressens - Nilin’s expert martial arts moves. The melee combat comes thick and fast with more new moves unlocked as you piece together the fragments of Nilin's memory. And thanks to the new Combo Lab mechanic you can create up to 50,000 different combos from your Pressens. Plus, there are even S-Pressens, unique special moves that can't be put into combos – but are powerful enough on their own!

In the Combo Lab you can build combos from the four standard types of Pressens. Regen helps regains health, Power does extra damage, Cooldown reduces the cooldown time after you hit an S-pressen and Chain duplicates the power of the previous move. You can only have four active combos set up at once, but these can be customised throughout the game, and you can auto-fill your combos while you're still getting used to the action. Street Fighter legend Yoshinori Ono had a hand in ensuring the combat in Remember Me contains the trademark "Capcom crunch".

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