Metro: Last Light

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Return to a post-apocalyptic Russia filled with new threats in first person survival shooter Metro: Last Light for Xbox 360
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Metro Last Light Limited Edition
Recommended for Metro veterans, Ranger Mode offers the ultimate challenge, featuring a HUD free display for increased immersion, deadlier combat, and dramatically limited resources such as ammunition and gas mask filters. Players who dare to rise to the challenge will benefit from a unique Ranger load out, including an exclusive weapon, the Russian AKSU, and be rewarded with additional 100 military grade rounds with which to customize their starting equipment.

Return to a post-apocalyptic Russia filled with new threats in first person survival shooter Metro: Last Light for Xbox 360.

The follow-up to Metro 2033 continues the tale of mankind's survival in a post-nuclear city, where the survivors not only have to stave off the mutants on the surface, but enemies within their own camp…

Key Features of Metro: Last Light on Xbox 360:

    • A gripping story that immerses you in the atmospheric ruins of the Moscow Metro
    • Stunning graphics, lighting and physics that set a new benchmark
    • Face new threats – human, mutant and environmental - on the surface and in the tunnels
    • A claustrophobic blend of survival horror and FPS gameplay
    • Thrilling combat with a unique arsenal of hand-made weapons

2034. It's been a year since the events of Metro 2033, and in the tunnels below Moscow new dangers are looming as the last of humanity continue to survive. But now they are not only threatened by the mutant creatures on the surface, but a new enemy stirring from within.

Deep within the military vaults of D6, the survivors have discovered a doomsday device. This discovery causes a struggle for power – one that could spread to an all-out civil war. As Artyom, the key to survival is in your hands. Burdened by the guilt by your past decisions and driven by a belief in the future, you are the last glimmer of hope in humanity's darkest hour.

The world of Metro: Last Light is stunningly realised through next generation technology, setting a new graphical benchmark for both console and PC. From the atmospheric depths of the Metro tunnels to the grime, gunge and grey skies of the surface, the visuals and audio of Metro: Last Light fully immerses you into this shocking future.

The surface and the tunnels bring with them their own threats and dangers. Up top is a toxic world filled with dangers. You'll need to have enough filters for your breathing mask to even survive the murky atmosphere, and you'll need to keep the visor of the mask clear of any mud or mess that could block your vision at just the wrong moment. And that's before you've even encountered any of the mutant, from bat-like beasts that swoop and snatch to more crab-like creatures whose claws snap and slice.

Underground, things get more tense and claustrophobic – and you'll need to keep them that way to keep the enemy survivors at bay, picking your way through the shadows, luring your foes into traps and making sure you extinguish any lights as you go. Should you get caught in a battle underground, the enemy survivors have improved AI, making them as deadly as the creatures above.

Fortunately, Metro: Last Light follows the original game's lead and offers a wealth of weapons to use, made from the things you scavenge in your missions. The side-loading assault rifle returns – as long as you can stop it over-heating. There's a new pneumatic sniper rifle that fires ball bearings. Or a loud and powerful six-shooter style shotgun. All the weapons can be further modified with scopes, silencers, extra clips and more – as long as you have the money.


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