Metal Gear Survive

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METAL GEAR SURVIVE is a survival action game in an alternative universe. In a struggle to survive, and understand this new environment.  In the battle for survival scavenged materials must be wrought into usable items, gear and weapons if you are to have any hope of making it home.

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Key Features:
- Two ways to play - Single Play and CO-OP Play. These modes are linked via Base Camp. Character progress and gear carries between the two modes.
- Build and develop your Base Camp. This offers access to weapon and gear crafting. As well as offering you a command centre for planning missions in Single Play and CO-OP Play.
- Gather resources for use in crafting including blue prints and raw materials. These can be gathered in Single play by exploring the environment or won in successful CO-OP missions
- Develop Base camp with new facilities to aid survival - including crop growing, animal rearing, food and water storage. As your camp develops you'll gain access to high grade crafting items.
- Manage resources, including human essentials such as food and water as well as raw materials used for weapons, defences and expendables.

 Metal Gear is an undeniably unique game series that has incorporated the nature of war with an eclectic array of characters. With a nuclear concept that stands it apart from other action-adventure games, it’s classic, and sometimes humorous, approach sees it break down the fourth wall between the player and game. The Metal Gear franchise has been awaiting an original multiplayer game, and Sony’s PS4 now has an exciting CO-OP addition to the franchise in the form of Metal Gear Survive. Of course, you may be wondering how the Metal Gear series can get any better, but the Japanese entertainment company Komani brings you a totally new Metal Gear experience. Metal Gear Survive takes place directly after the final events in Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes, where surviving members of the Militaires Sans Frontières are transported into an alternate, apocalyptic universe. The aim of the game is to survive by resourcing and developing your Base camp, to fight together against zombie-esque enemies, and to return home to your own world. 

If you are a solo gamer, Metal Gear Survive boasts a survival-based single player mode; the greatest obstacles are hunger, thirst and creatures who roam the strange, mist-covered world waiting for combat with survivors such as yourself. 
Hunting for food and gathering supplies whilst meticulously planning your base camp are all ways to survive, and to eventually return to your own world. Complete survival missions, collecting raw materials to make weapons to help you ward off an abundance of creatures. This is an intense single-player mode where you must learn when to avoid or tackle mist-engulfed zones depending on the oxygen levels in your air tank. CO-OP multiplayer mode provides you with the ability to experience Metal Gear Survive with friends, or team up with fellow PS4 players across the globe. Carefully work together to clear through various missions that test your combat and crafting abilities. 

In this alternate reality, defending the base is a crucial part of survival. However, side missions, that see you exploring the open world, allow you to gain valuable items and weapons to enhance gameplay. Communication is vital between teammates; ensure strengthening of defences and completion of side missions is allocated amongst the strongest in the team. This fierce Metal Gear addition to the outstanding gaming franchise blends classic Metal Gear mechanics, stealth, combat and CQC, with base management and character progression. Whether you’re a long-term Metal Gear franchise fan, or looking for an exciting co-op experience that incorporates close quarter combat with strategy, crafting and survival, then this game is for you.

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