Flatout 4

NGN 11,499.00

One of the most insane racing games ever released on console - Flatout 4 turns your car into a nitro-powered wrecking ball. Take down other drivers at high speed with no mercy. Ram your way through, fences, signposts, billboards and buildings - anything that gets between you and victory! 

Flatout 4 features intense races, weapon-fuelled carnage, arena-based Demolition Derbies and some of the most insane mini-games you'll ever play!

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* 20 stages with fully destructible environments!

* Use your car as a weapon, the more you destroy, the more boost you get and the faster you go!

* 27 vehicles to unlock - all fully customisable!

* Multiple game modes - races, Demolition Derby arenas and party games!

* Weapon-based racing modes which allows you use bombs, fire and wreckingballs to take out other drivers!

* Arena-based deathmatches, survivor and flag-capture games. Don't race - just destroy! 

* Online multiplayer for up to eight players.

* Massive career mode, mixing up racing and destruction challenges.

* Insane party games playable in offline, local multiplayer.


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