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The Spanish Flu has taken over the streets of London and the doctor has now become a vampire. The chaos of the epidemic lingers and the looming city only has the bravest or the unluckiest of people walking in the streets. 
The Spanish Flu isn’t the only thing they have to worry about because there are blood-thirsty predators ready to hunt – Vampires. You must cling on to the last piece of humanity and ultimately choose whether to satisfy your thirst or save the sick. Each of your choices will shape your fate, so what will you choose? 

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Choose your fate and buy Vampyr on PlayStation 4 today! 
Think you have what it takes to be a blood-thirsty vampire in the 20th century? As the population of London stay in their homes to flee the deadly disease, only the unluckiest stroll the streets where they become victim to deadly Vampires. 
In a ghostly and fearful city, you must choose how to use your new powers to the best for your ability in this RPG. Previously a doctor and now vampire, your conflicting interests will result in difficult decisions to be made: will you satisfy your hunger for blood or will you save them? 
Sometimes your thirst can become too powerful and each of your decisions in this RPG will shape your story. The hardest struggles will be within you as you learn to deal with a new condition and be human in the day and a predator at night. 
What will you do when you’re no longer fighting the Spanish disease, but the one inside you? 
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