Rambo The Video Game (ENGLISH)

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  • Become a one man army as John Rambo in this First Person Shooter of epically gory proportions.
  • Rambo features a cover based shooting system and destructible environments, so keep an eye out on what you’re hiding behind.
  • Wield trademark Rambo weaponry such as his brutal knife for up-close-and-personal kills and Bow and Arrow for stealth kills at a distance.
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Be John Rambo in this first person shooter on Xbox 360 as you take a violent journey into iconic action sequences from the first three Rambo films.

First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III will lend themselves to form the basis for authentic gameplay based in the Rambo world where you’ll need to: 

    • Pull the trigger with complete accuracy in deadly shoot outs, 
    • Become one with your surroundings as you perform stealth kills
    • Destroy your targets using demolition skills
    • And wield Rambo’ iconic knife in Rambo inspired Knife-play

Rambo on Xbox 360 will feature cover based shooting with destructible terrain meaning you’ll need to keep on the move before your cover is blown and rag-doll physics that will have your enemies flying away from the huge explosions you’ll cause as you fight in the action packed world of Rambo!

  • The ultimate & authentic Rambo experience
  • Play iconic action scenes from Rambo: First Blood, Rambo: First Blood - Part 2 and Rambo 3
  • Use John Rambo's trademark weapons-set of Bow, Knife and a myriad of guns
  • Full on gore, carnage and destruction


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