Madden NFL 19

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Progress your NFL team with even more precision and control to help you win, no matter what your tactics may be. Featuring real player motions, the gameplay in Madden NFL 19 is more realistic than ever. From the cut-ups after a catch to the interactive touchdown celebrations, American Football comes to life! 

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Real Player Motion technology transforms the way your games play as your favourite NFL players come to life with realistic movement throughout the game. Providing smooth and authentic gameplay, you are fully immersed into the American Football experience. Your favourite players will be true-to-life from the moment the whistle blows! 
There are also many new gameplay concepts for you to enjoy including movements in-game that will help you be tactical and lead your players to be strategic. New movements include One-Cut, Hit the Hole, Push the Pile, Zone Coverage, and Signature Styles for NFL Superstars. 
A strategy is a key to winning and you can choose from authentic offensive and defensive schemes to train, develop, and/or gain more players to best fit your scheme. Watch your schemes come to life as you lead your team to victory in multiple Super-Bowls! 
Develop each player and decide which position is best for each NFL player as you think tactically with your team with Positional Archetypes. Also introduced is a Skill Points System and Custom Draft Class Creator. 
In Madden Ultimate Team, it’s all about your players, your strategy, and your glory. How you deliver your NFL glory is up to you offering plenty of freedom to progress the stars from the past and present. With solo and co-op challenges all year-round, you can play and upgrade your team to create a team of iconic players. 
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