Lost Planet 3

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Return to the harsh and hazardous conditions and discover the secret history of E.D.N III in sci-fi action prequel Lost Planet 3 for Xbox 360
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Return to the harsh and hazardous conditions and discover the secret history of E.D.N III in Lost Planet 3 for Xbox 360.

Telling the story of the early colonists of this harsh ice planet, Lost Planet 3 offers more third- and first-person action gameplay, swapping guns for drills and mechsuits for mining rigs.

Key Features of Lost Planet 3 for Xbox 360

    • Discover the hidden past of E.D.N III as prospector Jim Peyton
    • Earn your hazard pay in the extreme conditions of the planet
    • Trademark Lost Planet gameplay is enhanced by new features and the Unreal Engine 3
    • The Akrids return, more dangerous than before
    • New multiplayer modes

Lost Planet 3 takes you back to the events before the first two games in the series, to the time of the early colonists and prospectors who made E.D.N. III their home. One such prospector is hero Jim Peyton, a working-class man simply out to make as many credits as possible on this hostile world before returning to his family.

Working for Neo-Venus Construction (NEVEC) is not without its hazards, but when Jim falls down an icy fissure, he discovers a hidden base below the planet's surface. Jim's encounter with the Snow Pirates reveals new truths about the planet, it's inhabitants, and the secrets being hidden by NEVEC base chief Braddock…

Lost Planet 3 returns the series to its treacherous roots, with the hazardous conditions of E.D.N. III appearing more deadly than ever. The extreme conditions are amped up by an ever-changing weather system that will affect the conditions of your environment during the course of your missions, offering yet another challenge to overcome as you take on the most hazardous mining jobs – and the enemies around you.

Lost Planet 3 also sees the return of the series' traditional gameplay, mixing up first- and third-person action throughout the game. The switch from soldier to prospector has done little to change the core gameplay – it's simply added some new twists. The mechanised Vital Suit is replaced by Jim's utility rig, his home-away-from-home packed with all the tools needed to do his job, like a powerful winch and drill. Action in the utility rig remains first-person, and you'll need to learn quickly to use your mining equipment for combat. Outside the rig, the action switches to third-person. Here Jim will have to brave the elements and those who cross his path using a combination of gun and melee combat.

Additions to the gameplay in Lost Planet 3 include a new way to harvest and save energy. Thermal posts can be planted across the planet, using the supply to upgrade your weapons. The longer you plant, the more energy you'll source, but with this comes increased risk of making the environment even less stable, and increasing the Akrid threat.

Equally intense are the returning Akrids. Lost Planet 3 offers the deadliest and most dangerous Akrids yet, with these beasties appearing bigger and angrier than before. New Akrids also appear, including the Carrier Akrid. This foul foe unleashes small defender creatures at its attackers, while joing the fray with its powerful front legs. It can only be taken down by exposing the core beneath the hard outer shell, so you'll need to make skillful use of Jim's rig and other weapons to defeat this enemy.

On top of the intense story mode, Lost Planet 3 will let you sharpen and test yours skills with a full set of multiplayer modes that will enhance your experience of the Lost Planet world. And all of this is brought to life by the Unreal Engine 3, creating the most intense and cinematic experience in the series.


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