Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers

NGN 15,099.00

Uncle Grandpa has fallen asleep behind the wheel of his RV and has accidentally crashed through a fiery dimension sending himself cascading through some of the most beloved and popular worlds on Cartoon Network, such as Adventure Time, Gumball, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Clarence and of course Uncle Grandpa!

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- Side-scrolling action brawler
- 6 Playable Cartoon Network characters with 6 different play styles for endless combinations
- Combine heroes’ power to take out enemies
- Battle hordes of enemies by using crazy, wacky and funny combinations of unique powers
- 24 unique, action packed levels
- 4-player local multiplayer drop-in, drop out
- Progress through a series of worlds, levels and sub-levels and face Big Boss battles
- Unlimited amount of achievements, trophies, hidden rooms and objects to collect


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